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M'oda O'perandi

New York based online luxury fashion retailer that uniquely allows customers to preorder looks directly from the runway.

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The Qode launched Moda Operandi in the Middle East and helped promote its unique preorder trunkshow model across the regional media.

The Qode also helped connect the NY-based brand with key VIP clients across the region with a series of targeted events in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Riyadh and Kuwait City. The Qode has played a big role in pushing their business in the region and has ensured that the Moda Operandi brand is a household name amongst fashion lovers around the region.

Client: Moda Operandi

Industry: Fashion

The Qode has also been instrumental in connecting Moda Operandi with emerging Middle Eastern designers to feature on the site resulting in expansion plans for the GCC with the planned opening of its third international showroom in the UAE.

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