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PLAY Restaurant & Lounge

PLAY's concept of Mediterrasian Cuisine stems from the best of European cooking techniques infused with the finest Asian ingredients.  

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The Qode launched PLAY Restaurant and Lounge, to the Region in December 2015. Following the opening of the venue, located on the 36th floor of the H Hotel, The Qode has been able to secure extensive features and interviews across print, digital, broadcast, radio and social media platforms. Since it's launch, the restaurant has been continuously deemed as one of the Best Restaurants in Dubai, having won TimeOut and WhatsOn's Top Media Awards, including "Best Restaurant of the Year" as well as "Best Asian Restaurant" 2 years in a row. Continuing to highlight the offerings of the Restaurant, The Qode's efforts have solidly contributed to the restaurant's success in the region. 

Client: PLAY Restaurant & Lounge

Industry: Hotels & Restaurants

The Qode teamed up with PLAY to collaborate on photo-shoots that would include items that were not yet displayed on the menu. The photos were then posted on Instagram in order to assess the number of people that order from the platform and not the menu. This led the team to successfully determine the effectiveness and actual ROI from the work involved. PLAY has since gained tens of thousands of followers on Instagram, Facebook and continues to be an industry standard for the haute dining communications.

The Qode's Social Media team has been working on PLAY's Facebook and Instagram pages since it's launch. Having created a luxury focused strategy and tone of voice in calendar creation and customer relationship management, the team also created quality photo and video content that has not only made an impact in the luxury F&B landscape of Dubai, but also had a lasting impact on how the seasonal menus were crafted.  


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